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What Am I Going To Make Today?

I love the feel of the clay as it glides through my fingers. I love the way a form takes shape as I direct the clay. And I love how a lump of dirt can be transformed into something beautiful and even useful. Yet some days I struggle with the question of what I should make. It only matters to me what I should make because I need to sell my pots in order to earn a living. So some days I think about how many casserole dishes I have in stock and decide if I should make more, if I feel like it. Sometimes the need for new inventory out rules the desire to make whatever I want, can you imagine walking into the booth of a functional potter and not seeing a single mug? And then, sometimes I do struggle with the question of what form my pots should become.  Other times I'm inspired by something and know exactly what I'm going to do.

Some days I do wake up thinking "what should I make today?"

Do you have the same thoughts?  What inspires you?


  1. Oh those three pieces look so nice together, what is the glaze on the speckled ones?

    Just about anything inspires me, my brain is constantly thinking of things to make in clay.

    1. Thanks Linda, they were all salt fired at Penland, I didn't put any glaze on them but sprinkled some ash on them prior to loading them in the kiln. They were placed in different locations for different effects.

  2. well, I always have a list going, what to make, what to do, with detours :) it is all so much fun!


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