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Local Folk Artist Prevails in Dispute with European Retailer

I just have to share this story about a former neighbor of mine and how she took on a large corporation who stole her art.  I've been following this story for a while in the community buzz.  Tori is a very humble designer who was not trying to make a fortune off of her art.  She just did something simple that made people feel good.  Then her design was stolen by a large corporation.  After friends and neighbors convinced her to take action what did Tori want from the entire mess?  Enough money to pay for surgery for her best friends dog, about $3000.  She's gotten that money, plus a whole lot more.

Local folk artist prevails in dispute with European retailer |

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Nice to hear that so many will benefit from the results of this and paves the way for other artists work.

    1. Linda - So much good is coming from this, it's just a great story, and it's true, that's the best part.

  2. She's a graphic designer, hardly a 'folk artist.'
    What a misleading post.

  3. Hi Carlos and welcome. I'm sorry your first comment had to be negative, I used the title of the news article as the title for the blog, this is what happens when you use the "share" button on the Atlanta Journal and Constitution's website. In my commentary I did say she was a designer but I still think that you are missing the point. This individual was able to take on a large corporation and win. They did not get to steal her art. It's also nice that the dog got his surgery.


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