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HodgePodge Coffee House And Gallery

I am happy to announce that you can now get my pottery at HodgePodge Coffee House and Gallery which is located at 270 Moreland Av Atlanta, GA  30316.  They are a fairly new business in East Atlanta but they seem to have taken off pretty well.  I think their commitment to the community and the larger environment has helped.  Besides the really good coffee and awesome cupcakes.

On Thursday nights they have an open mic night plus a crafting circle gathers there at the same time so people can knit or whatever while listening to new music.  I really like that idea and may start hanging out there on Thursday nights.  I won't bring clay there but it might be fun to sketch or collage to the music.

I only brought mugs there, it is a coffee shop after all, but I'm thinking I should make some yarn bowls for the knitters.


  1. Sounds like fun! See you there on Thursday?

  2. Yep yarn bowls and spoon or tea bags holders too. What fun, years ago I had a sewing circle with a group of friends and this reminds me of that, but listening to music in a coffee house, what's a new twist but seems just as fun.

    1. Great ideas Linda. It does sound like fun, they are really trying to make it a community gathering place. I know I intend to use it as my new "office" when I have to meet with clients that don't need to be at the studio.

  3. I haven't forgotten that cart photo, just trying to find it in all the mess we have around here. Ha.


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