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All Clear For Rainier

You might remember this post from December when we found out that one of the rescue dogs had heart worm.  I was considering treatment for him and asked for your experience.

We decided to take him to Loving Touch Animal Center as they offered a natural treatment that was less dangerous than the traditional heart worm treatment.  The wonderful, caring people at Loving Touch prescribed a treatment of Black Walnut extract, and supplements like fish oil to help keep him strong and healthy during the treatment.

He was on this regiment for about 6 weeks, it was really easy because I was able to just put everything in his food and he gobbled it up.  It seems dogs like fish as much as cats.  The other good part is he never seemed uncomfortable and we didn't have to make sure that he stayed very quiet throughout the treatment.  It's hard to keep a two year old dog from playing sometimes, thankfully, we didn't have to restrict him as we would have with the traditional, arsenic based treatment.

We've taken him back to the vet for a heart worm retest and it came back negative! Rainier is healthy, happy and heart worm free.

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  1. WOW!!! Lori, I am so happy you took that much time to find an alternative to the horrible heartworm treatment most vets use. Why isn't this a standard practice instead of basically poisoning the animal!?!?! I don't think there are any vets around here that come close to this kind of treatment.
    Good for you, so happy for the puppy. You will definitely enjoy the story I have posted on my blog this morning :)

    1. Hi Tracey, I'm not sure why more vets don't offer natural treatments, this was sure a lot easier for the dog and for us.

      That's a wonderful story you linked to today on your blog, Gerry is such a good photographer. A potter friend here does horse rescue, what a difficult but rewarding thing to do. I'm glad this one worked out so well.

  2. What good news, wish had known about that type of treatment for our dog, but we lived in Arkansas and I am not sure they were that advanced then.

    1. Hi Linda, I had to do some on-line research to find this remedy and then find a place that was familiar with the Black Walnut. I'm so glad I took the time to do it.

  3. Loving Touch is an awesome place! Happy for Ranier. :)

  4. You're right Martha, they are awesome. They are so caring and smart. I'm so glad we have access to them.


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