Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting More Color

The custom windows are supposed to be ready for pick up today so yesterday was spent building the frames for them.  Just as I was finishing the first frame I miss-hit with the hammer and smashed the heck out of my index finger.  This is just what every potter wants to do.  Even with ice, ibuprofen and ginger (an anti-inflammatory) it still swelled and bruised pretty badly.  Thankfully, I was still able to finish the frames and the discoloration is all on the pad so I don't think I'll lose the fingernail.
Years ago I learned to hold the nail with the pads of your fingers facing up, the idea is that this should hurt less when smacked with a hammer and lesson the likelihood of losing a fingernail.  I didn't do this and I'm regretting it.
I'll be raku firing this afternoon so we won't see much progress on the studio but it'll still be a fun day.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Some Color

Last night's rain left us with cooler temperatures this morning making laying on the first coat of paint a pleasure.  This seems like a great color combination for several reasons.  One is that the gray paint is nice neutral color that won't distract from any posters/pictures I hang on the walls, it'll also help to hide some of the clay that splatters on the walls, at least the Phoenix, Orangstone will still glare and force me to clean.  I love turquoise so just looking at this floor color will make me happy.   The other part that's cool is that these paints are mistake paints that are ending up being used rather than polluting the environment.  We had the floor paint due to a mistake when getting several cans of paint mixed up at the home improvement store a few years ago, and the gray is a clearance paint because it was wrong for some reason.  I got it for $5.  Even better, I found someone giving away wood stain for free so I might have a chance at getting my exterior trim colors at least.  Another reason I like this paint combination is that it reminds me of my motorcycle.  It's not a bad thing to be thinking about one thing you enjoy while doing another thing you enjoy.
I'm still not certain what I'm going to do for the ceiling, I'd like it to be well insulated, cool looking and inexpensive.  Reusing some product would be awesome.  I'm open to suggestions.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Different Kind of Mud

I started applying tape and joint compound, also known as mudding, to the walls.  I got the first layer on and it looks pretty bad.  Janet is better with this kind of mud than I am, she generously offered to finish this task.  I guess if it's not spinning I'm really not very good at it.  I started thinking about installing lots of shelves and hanging a bunch of posters to cover up my mistakes until help was offered.  I'll still do shelves.

I did get all of the outlets installed in the studio side but of course I'm one outlet shy on the kiln room side.  Back to the hardware store for me.
The first layer of the cement board is installed.  The boards are 5' x 3' so I'm stacking them on the long end which will give the walls protection 5' wide by 6' high at which point the air will mix with that from the open window.  The hope is that it will be pretty rapidly cooled at this point.  A vent will be installed near the floor and the kiln stand to assist with air flow and an exhaust fan will help with heat and fumes.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Room

 All of the electrical outlets are installed and the wires run to them. I installed a lot of outlets in the studio work space but not as many in the kiln room. I hope I don't regret this but it shouldn't be too hard to add more later if needed since I'm not intending to finish those walls. I also installed on exterior outlet as it'll come in handy.

Next came insulation, I put mold resistant R-19 in the walls. I've not done anything with the ceiling yet as I'm trying to figure out what to do and save myself installing wall board above my head.
Speaking of wall board, my friend Lawrence came over yesterday and helped install the wall board. Again this is a mold resistant product. Sheetrock made it green instead of the usual whitish color that one normally sees in sheet rock. I like it because adding color suddenly made the room look like it was becoming finished. It's still a long way from completion but it does feel good to have the walls looking like walls.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carpenters Are Gone

My internet connection has been out for a few days (thanks AT&T) but work on the studio continued to progress without it.  The construction crew is now gone leaving me to finish up the little details like running the electricity, dry wall installation, building windows and painting.   Nothing any carpenter/electricain/dry waller/glazier/painter/potter couldn't handle.  I love this jack of all trades thing anyway.  Yesterday I built and installed the window over the kiln room door.  It opens from the top to allow air in for when the kiln is being fired.
I really love that window on the side wall too, it opens well from the bottom and the top.  It'll let a good bit of air in while I'm working and give me a nice view of a wooded hill.  The sky light is right over where the electric wheel will be.  The studio is in a heavily shaded area so it'll be some nice soft natural light.  I also had a piece of clear roofing installed on the kiln room side so I can use that area during the day without turning on the light.  The idea is to be as environmentally friendly as a pottery with an old electric kiln can be.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Walls and Windows on the Pottery Studio

The carpenters worked all weekend in the heat and got a lot of work done on the new studio. I'm really impressed with them and the work they did. While I was out watching the world cup with friends they were hammering and sawing and such. Way to go guys!
The picture is of the building Saturday evening, notice the big window. My wheel will be sitting in front of that so I have a nice view and I'll be facing east which is supposed to be good feung shui. On Sunday the walls were enclosed and the sky light installed but rain was in the forecast so it's now covered with a lovely blue tarp.
Tomorrow the electrician will be here (I hope).
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Beat the Heat

It's summer and they don't call it Hotlanta for nothing. Of course it's pretty hot in a lot of other places in the world right now also. We've got a kiddie pool for the dogs to cool off in but we found that Dori the Whiggle would rather play in the spray of the hose than cool off in the pool. Now she goes crazy whenever she sees the garden hose. She's so silly and so funny I thought you might get a laugh from watching her.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dodging Bullets

As you may know I'm a monthly guest blogger on a blog titled Risk A Day which is hosted by my friend Laura Biering who is a fantastic coach and supporter of the arts as well as a facilitator for many Artist Way groups.  I think it's appropriate to share the blog with you.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cement Slab

Ceramic artists tend to envision slabs of clay for things like hand building when someone mentions slabs.   Concrete workers tend to think about foundations.  Yesterday the foundation slab was poured and the two ideas of a slab started to come together in one place.  All went well with the installation, the frame was filled and leveled in time for Lawrence (my good friend and expert contractor) to go watch the World Cup Soccer game and I even had time to throw a few bowls and tumblers.  It took a lot longer to set enough to be troweled, the downside of having the building in a nice shady area.
The electrician comes today so well have power for the weekend construction.  I'm excited.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Foundation for Kiln Room

Construction on the studio has started! 
This weekend I cleared the weeds out of the area next to the shed.  This was no easy task considering all the invasive vines that were growing there.  I love how pretty Chinese wisteria looks when it's blooming but hate how the vines kill the trees.  Ok, off of the soap box.  Today my friend Lawrence and I (mostly him) built the frame for the concrete.  I laid the plastic and installed the rebar to give the foundation strength.  The foundation is for the kiln room, the shed that you see in the picture will be the main studio area.  The existing building is 10' x 12' so I'm building the kiln room to match.  I'm hoping this gives me ample storage but we all know how a small space can get filled up quickly. 
The floor to the shed/studio was caulked and primed this weekend too.
I'm tired, time for a beer.
I hope everyone had a great Forth of July holiday.
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