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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Foundation for Kiln Room

Construction on the studio has started! 
This weekend I cleared the weeds out of the area next to the shed.  This was no easy task considering all the invasive vines that were growing there.  I love how pretty Chinese wisteria looks when it's blooming but hate how the vines kill the trees.  Ok, off of the soap box.  Today my friend Lawrence and I (mostly him) built the frame for the concrete.  I laid the plastic and installed the rebar to give the foundation strength.  The foundation is for the kiln room, the shed that you see in the picture will be the main studio area.  The existing building is 10' x 12' so I'm building the kiln room to match.  I'm hoping this gives me ample storage but we all know how a small space can get filled up quickly. 
The floor to the shed/studio was caulked and primed this weekend too.
I'm tired, time for a beer.
I hope everyone had a great Forth of July holiday.
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