Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Disaster Benevolence

I saw a post on Facebook by someone who was commenting about how much we've done for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti yet we do so little for people in America who are homeless or otherwise struggling in similar conditions to Haiti only without the drama of an earthquake.  I've been giving a lot of thought to the statement of the post.  I think it's very admirable that there is such an outpouring of support for these people in their time of need.  I'm glad to see the military there saving lives, especially after so many years of war.  Sometimes I forget that they are so good at being mobile hospitals.  And I am not the type of person that feels that one individual deserves help and another doesn't due to the good fortune or misfortune of place of birth.  What I'm struggling with is why do we need a sudden, major catastrophe to determine that people need help.  New Orleans had horrible poverty for a long time before Katrina yet it was the hurricane that woke us up and made us cry out.  For me the message is clear, try to show benevolence on beautiful, sunny, peaceful days...it might not be so nice a day for someone else.
Ways to help
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Websites for Artists

Here is a link to what might be the most comprehensive collection of free and paid websites for artists to promote our work.  I've been seeing a lot of articles discussing why it's important for artist to have a website and participate in social networking, I'm not going to spend time writing about that because I think we all know that now.  I have seen more and more show applications that are asking for a web site and one that even said send pictures or send your URL (web address).  I like being able to send my  URL because that means I don't have to try to figure out which pieces will be best for which show.  Also I don't have to use paper or plastic (CD) to show my images and that makes the environmentalist in me happy.  I hope more and more promoters see the benefits of viewing my pieces via my website.
Do any readers see any sites that the above mentioned blog did not list?
Thanks, enjoy.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Why She Wanted the Salt

The other day I wrote about a Lady Bug trying to get into my salt pot.  This weekend I think I discovered why she was looking for salt.  I think she was trying to make a Margaretta.  I thwarted her efforts but it seems she was determined to celebrate this weekend.  I'm now hoping this isn't going to be a problem, I'm not sure if there is a 12 step program for Lady Bugs.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Feel Like Charlie Brown

Remember when you were a kid wishing and hoping that the ice cream truck would break down in front of your house?  We all thought that would just be the best thing ever.  Well, I had a different sort of truck break down in front of my house.  It wasn't the best thing ever.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Bug Feeder

My house is old and although it's not drafty it's not sealed as tightly as it could be as evidenced by the ladybugs who move in every winter. They normally hang out in the sunniest rooms in the house on cold days and then leave whenever the weather warms up. Every once in a while we'll find one in the kitchen in the compost pot but today I found one on the salt pig (I'm not sure why they are named salt pigs, they don't look like pigs or oink). The glaze is lichen so I'm guessing she thought she was on something more natural than a pot. I don't think salt is good for lady bugs and I didn't want to find her in there next time I want to add salt to my food. I gave her some green onion which I hope will distract her from the salt, of course green onions and salt do go well together...

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Box Blues

I normally buy my coffee from Joe's, the local, very cool, indie coffee shop and I buy my books from Charis, a community book store. But yesterday as my partner and I were driving home from a huge lunch, in the gray rain, we decided to stop at the big box book store and have a cup of big box book store coffee because we had a gift certificate.  When we ordered we were told that we could not use or gift certificate at that S_____ Coffee store because they were part of the big box book store.  Apparently it didn't matter to them that there were 2 other S_____Coffee shops and a completely different chain coffee shop all in that big box store complex.
The experience got me thinking, not only am I glad that I support my local, independent stores that seem to care about me as a customer, but I'm also glad that what I have to offer to the world, is nothing mass produced, but handmade, one of a kind items that mean something.  Artist and other people that don't have a major corporate backing are far better for communities if only for their ablity to make someone happy in small simple ways.  Forget you, Star_ucks, I'm going to Joe's.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Kitchen Jar

I'm not only a potter but a gardener also.  In Georgia that means just another way to play with clay.  Unfortunately, most plants don't love clay as much as potters do so I amend the clay to make them happy.  That means adding compost to the soil.  I could buy expensive compost but kitchen scraps make great compost.  We do enough cooking at my house to collect ample scraps to grow a good size garden.  But who wants the scraps sitting on the counter while you're cooking?  The solution is a compost jar.  So I made a few compost jars and have had the difficult task of keeping them in stock (not a bad problem to have).  As it turns out, people are using these for stuff other than compost!  They are using them as garlic keepers and utensil jars and who knows what else.  So now I will change the name of my compost jars to kitchen jars.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come Together

This is some good stuff:

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Monday, January 11, 2010

You Never Know Who You'll See on youtube

This weekend I was talking to my friend Rosa about her visit with her family over the holidays.  She was telling her family about how she does raku firing and thought a demonstration would be better.  Having no raku kiln available she chose the next best thing, a youtube video.  So while she was showing her family a random video that she found using the search function she thought "that looks alot like the kiln yard at Mudfire" (where we do raku).  Then she started noticing the people and thought "that looks alot like my butt."  Then she realized that it was the video that I posted of our first firing together. I can only imagine her surprise.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Perfect Weather

Yes, it's freezing cold, yes, the clouds are heavy with snow and threatening to drop it on us at any moment.   Yes, most people in Atlanta are running to the grocery store to stock up on necessities in case we get snowed in for a few hours.  I, however, think the weather is perfect...for a bowl of hot soup.  I'm not completely crazy (I don't think so anyway). 

This is a picture of some homemade posoli in a bowl that I made in my senior year in high school.  Not only does it prove the durablity of my pottery but it also proves that pottery has been created for a VERY LOOOOOONG time.
Stay warm.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Coat

It's been colder than normal in Atlanta; I'm not complaining about the cold, although I did move down here to escape it.  Some people have it worse, although I don't know where, I'm getting reports that we are about as cold as Wisconson, but I'm sure somewhere it's colder and at least we don't have any snow, yet.  I'll be posting snow pictures tomorrow after we get the two inches that will shut down the city.  Atlanta isn't used to snow, that's one of it's attractions to me. 

My poor little whiggle has short fur (from the whippet side of her family) and hates the cold.  She refuses to go outside without her coat on.  I can't say that I blame her either.  The only problem is, try dressing a dog that is curled up in the tightest little ball a dog can make.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

I'm home from visiting my friend's farm.  It was a nice to relax with nothing to do but visit, eat, nap, read, explore the woods, ... Now it's back to work time and I'm feeling renewed and invigorated.  I have a few pieces that are ready to go into the bisque kiln and a few pieces that are ready for glazing.  I am ready to get to them.
I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration.  I'd love to hear what you did to celebrate.

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