Monday, February 1, 2016

Posey Bacopoulos Workshop

This weekend Posey Bacopoulos gave a workshop at Callanwolde where she demonstrated her process for creating pots and then hand painting them with Majolica floral images. Of course, like with many workshops the participants walked away with more information than just how the post are formed and decorated. We get insights into the life of a professional potter and thoughts about how to best make our pots our own.

Posey Bacopoulos Demonstrates
Posey did not start off her working career as a potter. She was a school teacher in New York who took a pottery class because a friend was interested in taking the class. Since clay is so seductive that one class changed her life by leading her to more and more classes, workshops, and residencies. I feel that this exposure to many different styles of teaching, including her own in elementary school classrooms has helped to make her an excellent workshop teacher.

I was also very happy to learn that someone who spends so much time making such beautiful surface decoration has a real love for throwing pots. So often it seems that the love of handling the clay gets lost when so much energy has to go into the decoration. Not so with Posey, she truly loves all aspects of creating her pots.

She demonstrated and discussed how she creates and thinks about forms and how to make pieces that are simple and beautiful as well as pots that are seriously complex.  When she was teaching us how to decorate she reminded us that she doesn’t know how to draw, she just lets the brush do the work. She also gave us some resources to learn about basic design elements so those brush marks can look good.

It was a very enjoyable workshop and I highly recommend taking one with her if you ever get the chance.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hanging Around

This is how I dry my batter bowls so that the bottoms dry evenly and don’t crack.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016


The title of this blog is deceptive. I’m not writing about David Bowie. He was a great artist and influenced people for decades. I’m sure someone can or has already written something about him and his legacy that is much better than what I could write. I do have memories of playing on our back yard swing set singing “Major Tom” when I was a kid, his music greatly influenced me, it’s just that better writers can do his life’s work justice.

I’m talking about changes in how I’ll be doing some stuff around here, on this blog. You may have noticed that I was away from it for several weeks. I was busy cranking out 500 mugs for the Penland School of Crafts benefit auction and dealing with Christmas at the same time. I decided to stop writing the blog so I would not waist my time writing how many mugs I made yesterday or something like that. It seemed rather boring. I did learn a lot from the experience and I do plan to write about that very soon.
Ceramic Luna Moth Mug by Future Relics Gallery
Luna Moth Mug

Lately I’ve been evaluating where I’m spending my time and how it’s paying off. In the business world that is referred to as ROI or Return on Investment. As much as I like to consider myself an artist and a craftsperson I also have to consider myself a business person because I didn’t win the lottery. So I’ve found a few places where I’m doing a lot of work for very little money. I have had to let them go. The idea is that I will then have the time I would have spent on plan A to work on plan B in the hopes that plan B gives me more rewards for my time. We shall see.

I am not giving up the blog entirely but I will be posting less often. I feel like enjoying quality content is a better use of your time and mine. Sometimes sitting silently with someone is a way of connecting. I hope that we can sit silently with each other (no matter the distance) and still connect.

I do intend to make some new pots, I’m going to stretch what I do because I have this opportunity at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center and I need to take advantage of it. I’ll show successes and failures because someone might learn from that.

I’ve linked the blog to my Instagram feed, so you might just see lots more pictures. We will see how that works. If you’re on instagram and want to follow me I’d appreciate it and I will follow you back.

I hope you all stick around for this new blog style. I might even change the layout of the blog, just to continue with the changes theme.

Thanks y’all.

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