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Cement Slab

Ceramic artists tend to envision slabs of clay for things like hand building when someone mentions slabs.   Concrete workers tend to think about foundations.  Yesterday the foundation slab was poured and the two ideas of a slab started to come together in one place.  All went well with the installation, the frame was filled and leveled in time for Lawrence (my good friend and expert contractor) to go watch the World Cup Soccer game and I even had time to throw a few bowls and tumblers.  It took a lot longer to set enough to be troweled, the downside of having the building in a nice shady area.
The electrician comes today so well have power for the weekend construction.  I'm excited.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Things are moving along for you, you must be getting excited. It all is looking good. Cement curing in the shade is better cause it dries slowly and doesn't crack as much. My last studio was in the sun and I had to wet it down four times a day to keep it from cracking - worth it though cause it never cracked.

  2. Linda - that is interesting. I imagine in the heat we are experiencing, it is an especially good thing this is in the shade!
    Lori - it's fun watching this progress. thanks for sharing!

  3. Linda - I've heard the same thing about letting it set up slowly. The slower the cure the stronger the cement.
    Anonymous - thanks, keep coming back, I'll be posting the progress as it happens.


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