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Hand Truck Options?? In-put please

I seem to do a lot of shows.  I like doing outdoor shows when I can just pull up to my spot, unload and set-up (after moving the truck to a spot out of everyone else way).  Of course those shows can also have weather issues, the worst was a tornado warning at Inman Park a few years ago.   That makes me like doing indoor shows better.  No wind is nice, heat or air conditioning are really nice.  Leaving my pots in a locked building over night is really nice too.

Indoor shows have a down side though, and it can be a back breaker.  You have to carry the pots and display inside of the building which means lots of trips with the hand truck. 

I have a great, sturdy hand truck that can move a lot of weight, it's really well built but it also takes up a lot of room in the truck.  It's usually a fight to cram it in with the bins and shelves and everything.  So I've been thinking about getting one that will travel better. 

I met a painter that had a Total Trolly, this thing is nice, it can be used as a hand truck, a dolly, a cart, even a step ladder (something I rarely need).  I do worry about the wheels working well because they are so small.

I also found this Portable Platform Cart which seems to fold up pretty small and might work well.

But I realized the best people to ask are the people that use these for shows themselves.  So I'm asking my readers, especially the potters what you do and what you use (if anything).  Of course if you work in another field that has a need to use a cart, dolly or hand truck I'd love to hear your opinion too.

Thanks for all your comments.

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  1. I like that platform truck the other one might get stuck in grass if it was an outdoor show, luckily I have two carts left over from a photography job I had that will carry 700 lbs but only thing is they aren't too deep but they do have straps to hold the boxes against the back. and they fold up compact and are lightweight.

    1. Linda, what you have sounds great. Do you know who manufactures them?

    2. Lori, I'll check and get back to you, I don't think they cheap though. I'll dig it out and try to do a post on it too so you can see it.

    3. Thanks Linda, I'd appreciate it.

  2. we have a hand truck that becomes the flat bed trolly. Love it! If you pack right you can get some boxes on with out worry of tipping over.

    1. Thanks Meredith, I do imagine 4 wheels are more stable on flat land, and the hand truck side would be great if I had to go up stairs (I would hope that would never happen).

  3. I have one like that foldable white thing---works great :)


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