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Molly Hatch Workshop Review

This past weekend Molly Hatch was at Mudfire giving a three day workshop.  She normally gives two week workshops, which I think would be great, but seemed to be able to get quite a lot of information into this weekend event.  The workshop started with a community building exorcise that was a lot of fun.  It was kind of like a summer camp event for adults.  It succeeded in getting me wide awake for the workshop too.
During the workshop she demonstrated her techniques for surface decoration and give an interesting slide show and talk about her artistic and career motivations.  Each participant was invited to make a vase using hand building techniques that Molly demonstrated and then decorate the piece with one or more of the surface decorating techniques that were demonstrated during the work shop.

Molly showed the class how she does the Japanese "Mishima" style of engraving and then inlaying underglaze on the surface as well as scraffito, and resists with latex and shellac.

The work shop was a lot of fun and it was clear that Molly was very interested in each participant having plenty of take-a ways from the weekend in the form of ceramics and new knowledge.  Molly is one of those artists who is very happy to disclose her methods in creating art and in creating a successful business.

If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with Molly Hatch I highly recommend that you do so.


  1. I could have gotten a lot out of that workshop Molly uses some of the techniques I am very interested in.

  2. Hi Linda, I was actually thinking about you during the workshop. I think you would have enjoyed it.

  3. Sounds like a goodie....perhaps she will get u to my neck of the woods someday.

    1. Hey Smartcat, I have been in all but 6 states in this country, your state of Rhode Island is one that I keep missing. I do need to get up there sometime.


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