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Salt Pigs

I don't normally make cute pots, or at least I don't try to make them cute. I don't tend to put bees on my honey jars or lady bugs on my casseroles so I'm not sure why I was motivated to put ears on these salt pigs.  I do think they are kind of cute but not too much.  If they had eyes they might be too cute.  Of course after I made them I thought "how am I going to transport these to shows without breaking off the ears?"  

Maybe I've been spending too much time playing Angry Birds.
Oh, yes, they do have tails too.


  1. cute, ha, couldn't resist, do they have a foot?

    1. Thanks Linda, no feet on these, they seem to sit really well on the flattened bottom.

  2. haha - that was my first thought. "Super cute, but I'd hate to have to pack those to shows" But I also don't think there is such a thing as too much time spent playing Angry Birds. Damn game - can't put it down. :-)

    1. I swear they are going to have to start 12 step programs for that game.

  3. I know what you mean- sometimes i do something and then i think do you really want to do that again?
    Next thing you know someone has ordered one and they want the ears just so and could you add eyes and I want a tail...I hope you are laughing... we all do this and then question why.
    Go for some eyes why not!


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