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For some reason I've not been feeling really positive about my work lately. It could be because I've been doing a lot of small, production pieces lately.  I'm doing these to rebuild stock but I'm not feeling very passionate about them right now.  I made a bunch of mugs and played with glazes, that didn't help.  Most potters refer to kiln openings as being like Christmas, sometimes you get an iPad, sometimes you get socks.  The mugs, although pretty and totally functional, felt like socks.
Then yesterday I had a meeting with a new venue, they love my pots and want to sell them.  I'll announce who it is after the contract is signed but the big result for me was it helped me to feel better about my work.
Later I went to Mudfire to pick up some pieces I fired there and get some others into a kiln.  The pots I wanted to pick up were a bit of an experiment.  I normally fire my ash glazed pieces in the reduction kiln but since I've got a show on Saturday I couldn't wait for the gas kiln to be fired so they got fired in the electric kiln.
I am really happy with the results.  The picture below is of a platter that I did in that firing (forgive the picture, it's from my iPod).  I also had a couple of casseroles that were beautiful but one of them didn't come home with me because Adrina Richard bought it on the spot.  Another ego boost.  Now I'm ready to run down to the studio and throw beautiful pieces again.
In the video I discussed the other day a joke was told by Michael Simon.
An old potter and a young potter where talking, the young potter said he was not happy with his work. The old potter said, "you never will be."
This was met with uproarious laughter from the room. I guess it's something we all go through.


  1. Great post, Lori. We all suffer from insecurities about our work, no matter the medium. I generally find that a period of frustration and dissatisfaction is followed by one of great growth and excitement.
    Love the handle detail on this pot.

  2. That's a really nice pot. I clicked on your name and was taken to your home page, how did you do that via blogger, it's really cool.

    1. Thanks Linda. The link is done with some back end coding, part of my geek abilities. You may have noticed I've not updated the website, I had some changes to make based on all your comments, but it's coming soon.

  3. well, it is the relentless pursuit of perfection :)

    1. I've decided to seek excellence, not perfection as I mentioned in my last post. We'll see how that works.


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