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Formerly a Pitcher

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a vase that was supposed to be a pitcher. Or maybe I should have called it a pitcher that wanted to be a vase. The original article can be found here.  Some folks asked to see images of the finished pot so here it is.

I'm not really sure about the glaze. It seems there was some mistake when the glaze was last mixed up and an incorrect ingredient got put into the mix. This means that this is not the look I was expecting but it is a pretty interesting glaze. What do you think?

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Wally Asselbergs Visit

A few weeks ago my friend and fellow potter Wally Asselberghs contacted me.  He was flying from Belgium where he lives to Phoenix where his girl friend and workshop partner Sue Morse lives.  He was going to have an over-night lay over in Atlanta and wanted to come visit.  Of course I was thrilled.  I haven't seen Wally since he had a long layover several years ago.  We threw a party.

The next day we went over to Mudfire to visit the gallery and studio.  Wally is very interested in doing a workshop there.  It's been a few years since he was last there and he's come up with several new techniques for naked raku that sound really interesting and exciting.  I've seen the results and they are beautiful.  I'll let you know when that is scheduled.

Physic Garden by Molly Hatch
After that we still had time so we visited the High Museum of Art to see potter, Molly Hatch's Physic Garden installation.  While we were there exploring the art we stumbled upon this room that had English pottery from the 18th and early 19th century.

Here's Wally with one of his favorite teapots from the exhibit.  Yes, it's that little black and white one in front.  Of course a man that is an expert in naked raku would like that one, besides it was really great. Sadly, the museum didn't have much info on the piece, just that it was salt fired and probably from Straffordshire, England.

It was a great weekend, I hope to do it again sometime soon.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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