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A few of the pits that are awaiting firing

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Morning Pages

Several years ago a good friend asked if I'd be interested in joining an Artists Way group that she was initiating.  These are groups of people that get together each week after reading a chapter and doing the exorcizes in the book "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron.  The idea is that it gets you thinking and moving when your feeling creatively blocked.  She had lead these groups in the past but had stopped for a few years and now wanted to brush up her skills and refresh herself on the book.  This was at a point in my life where the pottery gig was seeing lots and lots of growth so I didn't really think it pertained to me but I was still happy to participate.

Okay, maybe "happy to participate" is a bit of a stretch.  I was happy to get together with my friends and discuss what kind of creative things we'd experienced but I didn't always feel like doing the exercises Ms. Cameron suggested.  One of the things she suggested was to get up in the morning and write three pages in a journal.  What a cracked out idea!  I can hardly think three syllables in the morning let alone write them.  I did struggle to overcome my resistance and after the group finished the book I even continued writing my morning pages everyday.  Yes, I broke a few of the rules.  I started writing after my morning shower and only required myself to write one page.  I must say, it's nice to start the day quietly sitting on the deck with a mug of coffee, a dog, and my thoughts.

Pottery Mug by Lori Buff
Pottery Mug

At some point I stopped writing them.  I don't remember why but I suspect it has to do with a trip out of town or something.  The habit was broken and I just forgot about doing the writing.  But now I'm thinking about it again.  I seem to be at a point where I am struggling with finding ideas to write about here and struggling with creating new designs for my pottery.

So tomorrow morning I'll be out on the deck with my coffee and my journal.  Let's see if that gets the creative juices flowing again.

What do you do to keep creatively sharp?

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  1. Many good ideas :) writing everyday, meeting with people about being creative. My Mom has read / done this book. She too has a system for her journal entries. I think I need to be a bit more consistent with my direction of ideas and thinking, and can understand breaking rules in the book :D indeed.

    1. Hi Bee, it's so good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well in your new home. Yes, rules are made to be broken, or at least adapted.

  2. I'm fierce about my creative Muse. Nurturing, feeding, giving rest, using to the max at full potential and beyond.

    Being happy every day. No matter what is occurring. Take joy.

    Perhaps Artist's Way is to be modified for 'now'. My blogging every morning is a conversation with my Muse. Respectful. Knowing who is in charge.

    Pity the person between me and an unhappy Muse. I value my Muse as a gift from Providence. Not to be used, but to share. While earning a living.

    Somehow all of this occurs, for 3 decades now.

    XO T

    1. Yes Tara, being respectful of our muse and ourselves is very important. Good thoughts.

  3. I see this book at thrift stores all the time, but I have never been able to get into those sort of books. I could however, get into writing three pages in a journal each day. I kinda do that with my blog in the mornings, but not every day, and some of my thoughts really don't need to see my blog, haha! This is a great idea, I might just try it!

    1. Hi Tracey, The morning pages are not supposed to be something that gets shared with the world, or even yourself (unless you feel a strong desire to re-read later). You shouldn't have to care about spelling and grammar or anything, just stream of consciousness writing. Much different than publishing a blog for sure. You should try it, you never know what you'll discover about yourself.

  4. First off... that mug is gorgeous!
    I think I would have a hard time writing 3 pages. I have to say that the art journal projects I have done have helped me to stretch my brain creatively, and gave me permission to try new mediums.

    1. Thanks Michèle, I would think the journal projects would be great for that.


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