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10 Reasons to Have a Dinner Party

It seem that people have stopped going to dinner parties or even inviting people over to share a meal. It seems that much of the time we just meet our friends at a restaurant and hope they'll split the check.  Trust me, I like to go out to eat as much as the next person but I also like to entertain.  I love impromptu get togethers like when I realize I've made way too much food and just call a friend to help enjoy it.  I also like planing a party, the planing the menu, figuring out what to make and what Janet is going to bake for dessert (she's awesome at that).  It just builds excitement.  One of my best Thanksgiving memories was the year we hosted a pot luck.  About a dozen of us combined our efforts to make a feast.  We had so much fabulous food that we almost didn't have room for the people.  But we managed and we had such a great time.

No matter if it's a pot luck, a picnic, cookout, or formal dinner, they are always a lot of fun.  I love introducing new friends to each other and a dinner party is a great way to do it.  So here are a few reasons I've complied for you to have a dinner party.

Pot Luck Dinner by Future Relics Gallery
Pot Luck Dinner

1. You want to spend some time with your friends without feeling rushed in a restaurant.  Face it, nobody should be rushing you to give up the table in your own home.  Even if they don't rush you in a restaurant, you know the wait staff is paid mostly on tips and it's only kind to give up the table when you're done.

2.  You found a great new recipe you'd like to share with your friends.  If you haven't really found that recipe yet, check out Meatless Mondays on this blog or check out Pinterest for links to lots, and lots of recipes.

3.  You have a beautiful piece of hand crafted pottery that should be shared with friends/family.  This is a pottery blog, you knew I'd use pottery as an excuse.

4. Your garden is in bloom and looks gorgeous.  Why not enjoy the pretty flowers with your friends, you put a lot into making that garden look great.  Extra points if your garden has edibles that you can share with your friends/family.

5. You've cleaned your house.  Okay, so maybe you keep your house pretty clean all the time, still, why not invite the neighbors over when the house is looking good.

6. You just got a new puppy.  No?  Well go get one and socialize it with a couple guests coming to visit.  Of course please adopt responsibly, like from your local shelter or rescue organization.

7.  Your friends are great cooks and you get to enjoy their food at a pot luck.

8.  You have new neighbors and you want to welcome them to the neighborhood.  What better way to get to know your new neighbors than by spending a little time with them, besides it's a nice thing to do, especially when someone is trying to feel at home in a new home.

9.  The weather is perfect for ___________ (fill in the blank. Examples "a cook out," "fresh baked bread," "homemade soup," "a salad"

10. It's the weekend!

What reasons would you add to the list?  Let's start a movement.  Commit to having people over for dinner a few times this year.  You'll all enjoy it.


  1. I use to love a good crowd at the table but lately I have not found the time. If someone else wants to host I'm in!
    I miss those slow days of friends with their feet under the table, wine glasses clinking, full on laughter.....hmmmm, maybe next weekend.

    1. Yes, next weekend would be a great time to have friends over. Cheers.

  2. My favorite impromptu meals are when me or one of my friends has an invite for an art day, raku, encaustic, mosaic, collage. Any old excuse to get out art supplies and bring good food and friends together. Makes art projects so much fun!

    1. Ah, that's a great idea Tracey. You could even invite friends to raku in your kiln.

  3. I also like the much less hassle and effort of inviting people for tea at 10:30 or 2 or cocktails at 4....there will be drinks and snacks and talk, easy peasy!

    1. That's a great idea too Gary, thanks.

  4. inviting folks over forces me to clean the house, ha. when I have a dinner party I like to plan it all out like you mentioned and have as much pre-prepared so I can enjoy the conversation. I think a dinner party with a theme can be fun. I once had a dinner party with a Greek theme, the meal was all authentic Greek recipes and I played Greek music, etc.

    1. Oh Linda, that sounds like so much fun. I'll get it was especially good because you are a talented cook.


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