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Mugshot Monday

Here's another very simple but pretty mug. I posted a similar one a few weeks ago, this is just a different shape. It's still Standards Brown Speck clay and Stan's White glaze fired to cone 6 in oxidation.

To me, it is just simplicity. I could hold this mug and enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee while relaxing in the morning. Years ago I used to read a newspaper while having my morning coffee. Now I'm a little more tree friendly so I get my news from NPR and on-line but this cup brings me back to Sunday mornings with the New York Times.

Where can you find some simplicity in your life?


Wishing of Peace

Many of us remember what we were doing on September 11th.  We remember how we found out what happened and how we watched it happen again, and again on TV and the news.  Many of us remember how people acted in the days and weeks after the attacks.  I've heard many stories from family and friends about how much friendlier people in New York city seemed to be.  I spent a lot of time in NYC and knew that some people were very friendly, some were not.  Now it seemed more people acted kindly to each other.  That was a good thing that came of the attack.

The weeks became months and the months have become years.  Time marches on and although we don't forget what has happened we often forget the behavior that we had while we were still in shock. Many of us are just naturally kind people who just perform acts of compassion and kindness without giving it a second thought.  Some of us are very nice but don't really look for ways to do something simple and nice for others.  How about today we all try to be a little extra friendly to others?  How about we become very conscious about being nice to people.  For those of you who make a habit of being nice, be mindful of it for just a moment.

Tie Dye and Peace by Future Relics Pottery
Tie Dye and Peace Mugs

Maybe if we spent more thought on being caring, friendly, nice, and compassionate we might have more peace.  What can you do to be a friend to someone today?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Well, you've done it. Start a beautiful conversation about peace.

    1. Thanks Cheri, a conversation is a good place to start.

  2. good idea to bring peace to others by small gestures and hopefully it snowballs to others and in turn to others

    1. Yes, Linda, a peace and kindness avalanche, let's all get caught in that.

  3. Random acts of kindness, however small, are always a good thing.

    1. You're right Suzi, and one never knows how big a small act can feel to the recipient.


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