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Why Soda Firing

The pots in a soda kiln usually don’t have much glaze on the outsides of them, they are glazed by the introduction on soda ash, which volatiles when it hits the flame and creates a glaze. The flame then carries the soda ash through the kiln and the pots become glazed wherever the flame and soda kiss the pots.

Here you see me spraying the soda ash which is mixed with boiling water, into the kiln at about 2200 degrees.

 The results can be greatly varied with this type of firing. For me, that's a big part of the fun of it. You never know with 100% certainty, what you will get from the kilns.

This pot shows where the glaze hit the surface and really added a nice difference in appearance. The green you see is a spearmint glaze that I used inside the pot and along the rim. The soda mixed with that glaze and made it very dark, almost black in some spots and almost white in others. You can also see where it kissed the shoulder of the vessel and the handles. The orange color is from a flas…

Sixty Years Ago Today

Today would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary.  This is her first without him.  How does that feel?  I can't even imagine but I'll talk to mom later to see how she's doing.  I wish I could be there with her.

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  1. Lori, it's like we are living in a parallel universe these days. We both lost a parent in the last few months and our parents were married the same year, a week apart... and stayed together for 60 years! I agree that the hardest thing is being so far away. My Dad said he did ok on the anniversary day, but I am not sure what he said on the phone and how the day really went are the same.
    Sending you hugs. I am sure this will be a difficult one for you.

    1. It's true Michèle, it is like we are living in parallel universe. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and I'm sorry that we are both going through these things. Thanks for the hugs.

    2. Gary and I have been married for half that long and I can't even imagine what iw would b like to loose someone so close. Two as one. So sorry for you and for your mom.

  2. Hi Lori, it's been quite a year for a bunch of us hasn't it?! My husbands parents celebrated their 60th anniversary this year, in the nursing home, Gerry's mom had no idea what was going on, Gerry's dad was sad and somber, wasn't much of a celebration, but we tried......
    Hug to you and good thoughts for your mom...

  3. I can't imagine either. My in-laws are both in their 80s now and celebrated their anniversary with their annual trip to Paris. We wonder each year if it will be the last year they will go as the trips are getting harder, much harder. But still they go, and that we honor even as we worry. Anyway, I hope your mom finds peace and comfort on her special day this year.


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