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Sharing Secrets with Tammy Marinuzzi

Do you have a secret?  Do you like sharing secrets?  Tammy Marinuzzi does, so about a year ago she started collecting them from people all around the country who were willing to share anonymously.  Then she made containers for the secrets, the containers are to represent the secret as well as house it.  You won't be able to read the secret until you purchase the container thereby making a commitment to the secret and the vessel.
"Birthday Suit"

The containers are really great, many of them have some kind of surprise crafted into them, besides the secret.  It was hard for me to capture the full wonder of Tammy's art in photographs, I think you really have to spend some time with the pieces.  For example, her faces are very expressive, but the emotion expressed is not very blatant, and will probably reflect the mood of the viewer best.  I love that because the viewer is interacting with the piece on an emotional level.  I imagine that will increase when the secret inside is reveled to the owner.  The pieces are very well crafted with a sense of whimsy attached to them.

Tammy's solo show opens tonight (May 24, 2013) with an artists reception at Mudfire from 5pm - 9pm.  You can preview the show online here and make online purchase after 9pm.

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