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White Stuff

It snowed last night.  Big, fluffy snowflakes blanketed Atlanta about 4 - 5 inches deep.  It's very pretty and was fun to walk in last night.  The dogs were enjoying playing in it, except Dori who hates to be cold.  Most of Atlanta is shut down because of it; we are ill equipped to deal with any amount of snow, especially a few inches.  I am able to make it down to the studio so I'll still be working.  For some reason I'm thinking about working with porcelain today.

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  1. Gosh, they were just talking with emergency services in GA on the radio about how you are not equipped to deal with it. We got several inches overnight too, but it is utterly ordinary for northern NY to snow every day in winter, and plows were all over clearing it.
    Best wishes to you, and I hope you can have some fun :)

  2. Thanks Gary,
    I don't think I've seen a snow plow since I left Alfred.
    We have bread, milk and beer - the southern snow storm staples, we should be fine.


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