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Sunny Day, Perfect For...

Heart Shaped Mug
Grinding shelves!
I feel bad for my friends and family up north who got more snow, yet again.  It's been a difficult winter for many people and I feel their pain.  I'm longing for sun and warmth so whenever the sun has come out I try to find a reason to be in it's rays. 
Yesterday my excuse to be outside was grinding and washing kiln shelves.  It may not be the best thing one can do in the sunshine but it sure was a good way to spend an hour in the sun and not feel like I was slacking.
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  1. What do you grind your shelves with? I have those new corelite ones and they are fine so far, hope I never have to grind them.

  2. I just use a small hand held electric angle grinder. It works quite well.


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