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Creating Peace

Last night my friend Laura Biering did a book reading for her new RiskADay Journal.  During the talk she discussed how when people live authentic lives they are happier, emotionally healthier, more content, and more peaceful.  The theory is that if all people lived more authentic lives the world would have more peace in it.
Most of the readers of this blog are artists or other people that seem to be following their dreams, like landscape designer, Tara Dillard.  My guess is that, we are living authentic lives at least in our careers.  The joy that comes with doing what you love probably flows into other areas of our lives too, like how we treat other people.  Isn't it nice to know that just by following your heart you are helping to create peace in the world. 
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  1. Living an authentic life sounds a good way to describe it.
    Not so easy for some people to understand at times. Like the time when I signed on at the jobcentre a couple of years ago.."what jobs do you do?" "I do all sorts of jobs, and I *am* a potter" That really throws them.
    I'll have to tell my man this descrption. He is a mountain farmer.(farms sheep and ponies, not mountains!!)


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