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Wonderful Weekend

What could be better than a weekend in January that was sunny and warm.  It got into the 60's!  I have to admit I like global warming in the winter.
Janet and I had some celebrating to do this weekend as she's had a really positive change in her life.  But first I had an appointment with a couple who wanted to buy some pottery to give as thank you gifts for some people who helped make their wedding special.  They purchased two large casseroles, one of them is going to a friend of theirs who works for Martha Stewart.  I love that idea.
We took Blue for a car ride which ended up at the Midway Pub to enjoy the sunshine on the deck with a beer then later we had dinner out with two good friends.
Sunday was equally as nice, we got some projects done around the house at a relaxed pace and we got some sunshine on our faces.  That usually makes me smile.
I hope you had a great weekend too, what did you do?
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  1. Great weather, but I was working out clay and kiln issues :( I think you had a much better time than I did! Oh yeah, a Martha hook up, nice!

    1. Tracey-I read about your issues, sorry about the loss but happy you found a solution. I think it's fun that someone will be using a piece from the Future Relics Collection (tongue in check here) along with pieces from the Martha Stewart Collection.

  2. What an enjoyable weekend. I am enjoying these warm days and have Spring fever really bad. been digging in the dirt and planting seeds.

  3. Linda, I have spring fever too and am dying to get in the dirt, but am afraid of starting too early.

  4. I know the feeling. I want to play in the dirt but am sticking with clay because Anonymous is right, it's too early in Atlanta. I have been pulling some weeds already, does that count?

  5. it has been a winter to remember... we went for a long drive through our beautiful back roads with a favorite cd blasting tunes that made me feel 20 something...

    1. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. I can remember doing that when I was younger too. Actually, I have a CD that I need to test drive...


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