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Golden Cloud

via Instagram

Elephant Vase

Netarts, OR hike 31 of #52hikechallenge

Hipster Hippo don't care about no snow.

Having fun at our painting and pottery sale. Come see us.

Covered Jar

Soup Season

Pottery Show and Sale This Weekend

A Few From The Soda Kiln

Loading the Wood Kiln


Hummer Visitor

Dragon Mug At The East Atlanta Strut

Old Paint

Conversion Kiln in Place

East Atlanta Strut Sept 23

Whale Mug

Elephant Mug

Penland Loop Trail

Sponge Holders in Action

Pottery Classes at Tucker Rec Center

Colemans Red Mug

Iridescent Batter Bowl

Chun Blue Mug

Black Thumb

Runny Blues Mug

Ferns, Dew, Webs

Raising the Roof

I Grew That

Interesting Find

Ground Breaking

Formerly a Pitcher

New Libation Cups

Making Stuff Beautiful

Mugshot Monday

First From the Salt Kiln

Owl Jar

Why Soda Firing

Mugshot Monday

Pottery Kids

First 'Mater of the Season

Morphing Pot

Summer Pottery Class

Lidded Jar

Artist Needs Our Support

Done For a Minute

Dragons At Inman Park Festival