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Do You Have That In Blue?

If you've done as many shows as I have you've heard this question.  If you've listened to many people in the pottery world you've heard "If you can't make it good make it big, if you can't make it big make it blue."  This gives blue a bit of a bad rap.  It's actually a very popular color for a reason.  It's seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed as in the true blue friend.  It's a calming color that makes people feel more tranquil.  This could be because of the association with blue sky and water, or it could be something else.  Of course some very vibrant, electric blues don't do this, they do the opposite and make people feel exhilarated.  It's also said that the color blue aids intuition, which could be why President Martian VanBuren had the first blue room painted in the White House, and why one has been there ever since.  It's also the name of my dog, because it's only once in a blue moon that a dog like him comes along.  My friend Phoebe named her dog blue after the blue bird of happiness.
Blue makes people feel good, so when someone wants something in blue, I'm happy to make it for them.  This pottery making thing, it's not just about making me happy, it's about adding smiles to other people's faces also.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I like blue anything! I live in Chapel Hill where the skies are Carolina Blue, haha!


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