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Little Bird

I added this little bird to the cover of a jar last night.  I was just playing around at the end of a long day of throwing.  I don't normally add these types of elements but I like the way he looks on the little knob.  I do wish that I had put some eyes on him but I also wonder if that would have made him look too cute.  It's hard to get the right balance.
What do you think?


  1. I like him - adorable (without being too cute)!

  2. I often struggle with the same thoughts when I make something new should I add more or leave it off, as in the eye for the bird. I probably wouldn't have been able to resist pressing in an eye socket but that's just me, either way the bird is a nice touch for a handle. I like how his wing is sculpted separately and there is definition to his beak and head too.

  3. Thanks Linda & Anonymous, your comments help me to feel good about him.

  4. Oh he is cute- but not too cute- cute in a good way.
    I like him, okay!

  5. Thanks Meredith, I get what you're saying:-)

  6. A nice added touch. Is it strong enough to pick up the cover with or is it just decorative?

    1. Hi Anonymous, the bird will be strong enough to be used as a handle to lift the cover. Good question, thanks.


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