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Artist Residencies

I must admit, I would love to do a long term artist residency at a craft school.  I do try to get to Penland School of Craft for a couple of weeks every summer and I love the full, distraction free, immersion in clay.  I know I'm very lucky to be able to work full time as a potter.  Many artists I know spend much of the day teaching in colleges or high schools and then create and sell their work when they can.  The financial security would be great but the time and energy involved would take a toll on my work.  I admire these people and sometimes wonder how they do it.
The thing is whenever I hear an artist speaking about their history it tends to go from college to grad school to a residency somewhere and I get a little envious.  I don't want to leave my home for several years, I'd miss Janet, my dogs and my friends.  It's just a pipe dream but it is a dream.

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  1. Haystack, that's the one I want to do

  2. Tracey, I've never been to Haystack but I've heard great things about it. I've got friends in the Penland area so that helps it to feel like home.

  3. I wouldn't mind a residency or even a week or a couple of days traveling to various potters locations and working there, what about an exchange studio time that might be fun, I have so much I could learn from others.

  4. Linda, I love the exchange studio time. It seems a little like what they are doing in Western NC with the Clay Club. They often meet at a potter/member's studio for demo's and stuff. I wish I lived much closer to there.

  5. Oh I do too wish I was closer to North Carolina area, so many potters there, I get to talk with potters on their blogs, but in person is so much different I am sure.

  6. Linda, it is really nice to have the conversations in person. I'm lucky to be close to NC and the pottery community in Atlanta too.


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