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Updating Your Portfolio

I seem to follow a lot of artist blogs, some are from people who have been working as professional artists for many years, some who are still considered emerging artists.  One thing I love about following these blogs is seeing how the art is growing, evolving and simply changing.  Thanks to the blogs we can often know where some influences are being found.
What I hate to see is when the work is evolving but the portfolio doesn't change.  I know I'm only looking at the on-line version but so many shows and galleries are happy to look at work samples on the web it makes me wonder why these portfolios are being neglected.  Okay, we all know that not everyone is tech savvy but this is important to your career.  Take a class, you probably took 4 or more years of college classes to get where you are artistically, why not take one to learn how to get new images of your work into the hands of gallery owners?
If you don't have time to take a class why not try some portfolio software.  I've listed a few examples below, I've not tried any of them so I can't recommend one but most have a free trial.
I'd love to know what other people have tried and what you thought of it.

Other Stuff:

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  2. Thanks Gary. I'm going to have to think about who to pass the award to, look for a post soon.


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