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Health Insurance

My health insurance has gone up again.  It's really frustrating because I don't use it.  I go to the doctor once a year for a thyroid test and that's it.  Of course this does not come anywhere close to fulfilling my deductible. 
I have talked to some other people and it seems that most are paying even more than I am so I shouldn't be too upset.  It just seems to me like I can put that money way in a bank account and actually have it available if I ever do need it, rather than waiting for the insurance company to cancel my account if I ever do use it.  Yes, I've had some bad luck with insurance companies.
I know the Potter's Counsel and the American Craft Counsel offer group plans but I can't find out anything about rates or customer satisfaction.
Do you use any of these plans?  What do you think about them?
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  1. Sorry, I'm no help at all here. We have insurance through my husband's company. We are like you, we never use it, seems a waste of money to me.
    We just had a crazy thing happen with an urgent care facility, long story but the doc there lost his license to practice medicine while we were waiting for Gerry's test results about his ulcer thing. Just great! Money wasted, still don't know the results and that was during Christmas! I found a natural medicine place near here. You pay $125 for the first visit, complete with tests and evaluation. I think this seems a much better route, but they can't take insurance because our medical industry can't sell the drugs for the drug companies and make them rich! Sorry, I know that doesn't answer your question, but I feel better :)

    1. Tracey, I wish we had a place like you describe. It sounds like better health care than you're getting from the doctors anyway. I hope Gerry's ulcer thing has gotten better.

  2. I can't afford health insurance any more; ours was $375 a month with $10,000 deductible; then when I reached 60 it went up to $425, so I cancelled the insurance. While I was insured I had one trip to the ER which wasn't covered because I didn't meet my deductible yet. I couldn't afford to pay a $10,000 deductible with or without insurance anyway. After the ER visit I acquired four bills which I pay $25 on each per month - er doctor, er visit, xray doctor and ambulance, perhaps in three years they'll be paid off. Interestingly the ER bill was reduced considerably because I did have insurance, apparently the hospital negotiates with the insurance companies and gives their insureds cost reductions because they have that insurance. So that means folks with insurance pay less for services than those without insurance, a double standard which I find appalling. We found out Gary could get VA which he now has. I did check with potter's council before I left California but they would have cost about the same. I don't know about the Craft Council. We do have clinics here where we can be seen for a fairly reasonable fee; I try to eat healthy and hope for the best. The worry costs a bundle, time will tell how much.

  3. Hi Linda, I hope you've recovered from your ER visit much, much faster than your anticipated pay-off date. I did the math, at a $10,000 deductible you'd have to pay over $800 in medical fees per month. The health care cost you $5100 per year. It seems like if you already have the $10,000 plus the $5100 each year you can get a lot of health care whether you go through BC/BS or not. Oh, and you can negotiate with hospitals and the like if you don't have insurance also, you just have to work at it.

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome, I find your reply interesting since insurance is something BC/BS invented in the 20's. Before that people were able to afford health care. Of course they never ate at McDonald's either.
      I hope you enjoy the blog and the pottery.

  5. I checked with Potters Council a while back and it was around $400-$500/month as I recall. We currently get ours through my day job, and interestingly enough, it'd be cheaper through PC if my employer didn't pay a portion (which has been talked about, which is why I was checking).
    I recently had my gallbladder out and don't even want to think about paying that off w/o insurance. Yep, it's a racket, but big money has a lot of power on these decisions.
    We don't eat at McD's anymore either... ;-)

    1. Hi Brian, welcome and thanks for your comment. I am not paying that amount so that's really good to know.
      I hope you are feeling better after the gallbladder surgery, I know a lot of people who have been through that and all are fine but have stopped eating fast food too.
      I've quite while I still have all my parts.

  6. Insurance itself is a great term in order to keep your lovable ones safe anyhow.


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