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Martin Luther King Day of Service

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'" At least once a year many people take this day to celebrate his life by doing something positive for other people.  For me this was a day to meet up with my neighbors at Brownwood Park which is near my home in East Atlanta Village and work on beautification projects.  We had trash to pick up, the community garden needed some prep work for the spring planting season and a new path through the woods needed to be mulched.  I was recruited for the mulching project.

After several hours of loading wheel barrows and pick-up trucks with mulch and hauling it down the path my arms were DONE.  No problem, I'd just go join the trash clean up, many of the kids that volunteered where doing that, how hard could it be?  Well, apparently some people think that a park is a great place to dump all the old stuff that they no longer want.  Besides the typical trash of cigarette butts and candy wrappers (does it seem to you that people who litter also have unhealthy lifestyles?) we found old tires, construction materials, a full bottle of beer, a bicycle, fencing, ...the list goes on and on.  It was sad.

We finished up around lunch time just in time for pizza delivery by Grant Central Pizza.  They donated more than enough food for all the volunteers.  Yay for them.  I love the pizza they make and I love how much they support the community.

When I got home my arms were still very tired and sore so I took a hot bath, felt refreshed and went down to the studio to make a few pots.  Silly me, I had intended to do casseroles today.  After the first 5 quart casserole my arms have told me "enough."

It's okay, it's late in the afternoon, I can get dinner started.  It's been a good day.
Did you do anything for MLK day?

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  1. Holy cats, people just love to dump crap in nice places, don't they? I always think animals must look at humans and think "they are such greedy, smelly creatures". I give an A plus to that pizza joint, and you I give a whole report card full of A plusses, and admit, other than hearing on the radio at the end of the day about day of service, I had not thought about it. Maybe I should get out and.....

    1. I'm sure the wild animals do hate what some of us do to the environment. You know Gary, it's never too late to do something good.


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