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Potter's Résumé and C.V.

Occasionally the merits of having and maintaining an artist résumé or curriculum vitae (C.V.) are discussed.  It's possible that very few people, artists or otherwise, enjoy working on these little, tiny views into who we are and what we do.  When I worked in the corporate world we were told a résumé should be no more than 2 pages and it should be arranged in a certain format.  Of course every time I did something noteworthy someone would comment about how it should go on my résumé, that usually meant that another, older, noteworthy achievement was squeezed out since I had to keep things down to two pages.  I also had occasion to read other people's résumés...yawn.

As artists we have, and should make a more exciting presentation of our professional history.  If you're applying to shows they often want to see or know that history.  To be honest and technical, a résumé and a C.V. are actually a little different in that a résumé is supposed to show work history and a C.V. shows the person's artistic achievements.  Sometimes these are not one in the same although some overlap may occur.  I have seen show applications where they ask for one or the other and I often wonder if the requester is asking for a résumé and not a C.V. for a particular reason.

A quick internet search on creative or artists résumé will show what some creative people have done to create interesting, exciting, and creative résumés.   Their are a couple on the site above that you can cut out and make into a box.  Those seem the most fun to me because the viewer can interact with them.  But what do we do as potters?

I think about the old urns that show stories as their decoration.  I can imagine decorating a pot with a sgraffito representation of my history as an artist and sending that to a show jury.  As fun as that may seem it's also impractical and I really do prefer to apply via email anyway.

Do you have a résumé and a C.V.?  Have you done anything especially creative with the layout?

Have you been to Mudcolony lately?

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  1. It was stunning to see my finished resume. Odd for the years to be condensed so closely.

    Of course my real CV are pics of my work.

    Garden & Be Well, XOT


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