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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Summertime Blues

It's been a really busy day with lots of running around. I did get to two stores to refresh the stock of pottery.  I always like visiting Terry at Donna VanGogh's Artist Market, she's very nice and very funny.  It seems lately whenever I go in there I run into another artist that I know which makes for an even nicer visit.  It's also a really fun place to look around and find interesting gifts.

I also swapped out the display at The Mercantile.  They are a specialty grocery store that serves fantastic meals and has a pretty nice wine selection.  We're members of the wine club so I try to co-ordinate changing the display with picking up some wine and a loaf of french bread from H&F Bakery.
Display at The Mercantile
This month I created a display that has a bit of a cool blue theme, like the song Summertime Blues (now you've got that in your head too, don't you).  I really like the way these pieces look together.  I may even try to think along these lines while I'm making the next display.


  1. that's a great display, what is the footed tray or bowl in the front, that is very interesting looking.

    1. Thanks Linda, I have 2 footed pieces in the front, the blue one is an altered dish, it's a bit squared off. It's a good size for a nut bowl (they sell delicious rosemary cashews at The Mercantile) or even a soap of those general propose pieces. The apricot colored one is an oblong plater with a fern impressed into it.

  2. geart idea Lori- you will have to have the "fall" line ready soon,or at least by Aug.


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