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Don't Blame Your Partner

I've noticed a trend recently when dealing with partnerships.  It seems that when a business is a partnership and something is messed up, like nobody responded to my phone call or email, the person I'm talking to will say "I thought my partner had taken care of that."  What that tells me is that you don't have a really good partnership and maybe I should think twice about doing business with you and your partner.  We can argue that we have lots of ways to communicate quickly with each other, so much so that things get lost in the flood of email, phone calls, text message and snail mail, just to name a few.  But as someone who is doing business with you it still feels like bad business and a poor excuse.

One merchant that sells my pottery sometimes can't respond to an email as quickly as they would like.  But they have never given me the excuse that they thought the other partner responded.  They simply deal with my email as soon as they can and if it's been a while, they apologize for the delay.  They don't waste their time or mine with excuses.  We all really know the reason, everyone is very busy.  I also know that they will get back to me as soon as they can, they have set that precedent.  I trust them.  I understand a little bit about their end of the business and I respect their time and needs and they return the favor. 

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  1. Everyone has their personality type and some are easier to deal with than others that's for sure.

  2. Good business means good communication.
    I am old school in that you answer emails, phone calls and what ever as soon as you can- 24 hours is about all I allow before I want an answer.
    If you are a phone co, electric, insurance I expect a call back.
    And if you are holding my work and in doing so holding my money- call me!

  3. you are right about excuses... it's usually better to apologize and correct the situation.

  4. although the ewers make for a cute partnership here :)

    1. That's what I thought too Gary, I'm glad others are seeing that.


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