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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Saturday Raku

Horse Hai Pot by Lori Buff We did another raku firing at Mudfire today, I did six pots in horse hair and this time none of them broke.  Yay, thank you kiln Gods.  Since half the pots broke last time I'm really very happy with today's firing.  I tried doing some things differently which seems to have worked.  One of the pieces was left at Mudfire to go into my display in the gallery, the rest came home for the studio sale this week.
I also got some other great news but I think it'll keep until Monday when the paperwork has been signed.


  1. Looks good, what did you do differently? Can't wait to hear the news.

  2. I have to try this horse hair one day. Maybe on a barn, that could be really cool! Wonder if my own hair would work, it's thick and coarse and long!

  3. Linda - I applied a black glaze to the inside of each piece and since I fire 2 at a time in a top hat kiln I put a bucket over the piece that was sitting in the kiln waiting to be decorated. This cuts down on the thermal shock.

    Tracey - Try it with your own hair, legend has it that this process was invented by a Native American woman whose hair landed on a hot pot.


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