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Comments Please

The other day I was eavesdropping on a conversation near me.  Normally I wouldn't do this but when the conversation started the two couples were discussing a trip to China that sounded very interesting.  They were also talking loud enough for others to hear easily so I don't think they cared. 

Apparently the couple that went to China also blogged about the trip while they were traveling.  The friends mentioned that they left some comments on the blog just to let their friends know they were reading the blog.  The travelers said they had seen the comments and it meant a lot to them that the friends did comment.  I think it means a lot to many bloggers to see people writing comments.  It helps us to realize that people are reading our writing and it's effecting them in some way.  I have friends that tell me they read this blog but have never commented.  I appreciate hearing that they have been reading it too, again, it makes me feel like I'm not all alone here in the bloggosphere. 

I have also made friends with other artists through blog commenting which has lead to some email commenting and may result in a visit sometime.  I think that would be fun.  Yet their are still some people who write blogs who have received many friendly comments from me over the past few years who have never acknowledged my feedback or commented on my blog. I know people are busy but after a while that just seems rude so I stop reading their blogs.

I want to take this time and space to thank my readers, whether you comment or not, for following this blog.  I appreciate comments and emails, I appreciate Facebook likes and retweets and I appreciate hearing "I read your blog" when we're talking.  Thank you

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  1. (((((hugs to you))))) I am a big fan of everything you do here, it is def. harder to keep up with blogs during this busy season, but you are correct: I always try to visit and comment on other people's blogs, indeed!

  2. I think many of us could write this very same blog post! I have a few folks who only email me, and they are really long, interesting emails. Some send me links to things they think I might like from time to time. I love hearing what people think, especially when a discussion really gets going like on my last sort of political post. I feel the same, some people that never acknowledge my posts on their blog or that never comment on my blog, sort of fall behind in my list of blogs to go to.So many potters have stopped blogging and I love reading blogs, so I have gone "outside" the pottery world and found other really great blogs. I have left comments and those artists have come right to my blog and made comments, so now I have new friends that aren't potters!
    Yes, comments please, and I love eavesdropping haha!

  3. This is so true. And to be honest, I can't remember if I've commented on your blog, but I do read it frequently. You've left some comments on mine, and I greatly appreciate them as well. Thanks for the excellent reminder.

  4. I read my stats and see I have hundreds of readers but in comparison not many commenters, although I do get a lot of comments and I appreciate all of those comments. I know when I first started blogging I was a bit intimidated about commenting, a bit shy. I comment on as many blogs as I can which I read, some comment on mine but some have never commented on my blog, some however have sent me private emails. I also find it rude some folks do not reciprocate even once with a comment or acknowledge my comments. One blog I used to read says right on their blog they won't comment on other's blogs, what does that mean? they are much too important and busy to make comments on other people's blogs but they like comments on their blog. Ha. I don't comment on that blog or even read it any more. The same might be true about those who list blogs in their blog roll, only certain people are listed and other's are not. I felt bad once when I couldn't comment on a couple of blogs who had commented on mine because blogger had changed something. I like to comment if there is something in a blog I have learned something from or if I admire a person's work, everybody needs a little encouragement and some strokes now and then don't they? Commenting on a person's blog is a way of saying thank you to the person who took the time to write the blog. Blogs are like free books, magazines and newspapers all rolled into one.

    I know there are blogs which suggest ways to increase comments on your own blog and one of those is to comment on other people's blogs - apparently that only works with some blogs and some people. I did notice when I turned comment moderation off but don't allow anonymous comments I started getting more comments on my blog. Blogger has encorporated auto spam protection which works fairly well. Thanks for the comments you make on my blog.

  5. Thank you all for these comments and the ones you've written in the past (yes, Sue, you have commented previously).
    I do appreciate all of my followers, whether commenter or not.


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