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Tea Ceremony Bowls

Here are some tea ceremony bowls that I made for the wood firing at Hambidge.  I attended a workshop with Akira Satake last year and tried to incorporate his teachings about the tea ceremony bowls into the pieces.  I think I may have succeeded with a few of them.
I'll probably end up keeping them.  It seems that I can't sell very many pieces that I feel incorporate the Japanese aesthetic.  I even made a couple of Sake bottles that have lingered in my Etsy store for some time, even after I sold the Sake cups.  At Art-B-Que a Japanese woman looked around my booth and (unsolicited) told me that I did a great job of capturing the aesthetic.  This made me feel really good but it doesn't bring me any sales.  I think maybe its just not what my typical customer wants.
In the winter I'll often have some herb tea in a tea bowl like one of these.  It's a great way to relax at the end of the day.  In the summer I'm more southern and drink sweet tea with lots of ice.
What pieces do you make just for the love of making them?

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  1. I think pottery people or tea drinkers purchase tea bowls. I make what I'm inspired to, but I sometimes find folks ask about a different color for some of my forms; I try to explain about glazes and sometimes they understand but othertimes they just want that color, so what can we do? Nice buddha in the background, is that ceramic?

  2. Thanks Gary and Linda-
    I think you're right about who appreciates the teabowls.
    The Buddha is concrete, he sits outside my studio and welcomes me, I thought he looked good in this picture. Thanks for noticing.


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