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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Etowa Indian Mounds and Spring Place Pottery

This weekend was the first anniversary party for Spring Place Pottery and Artists Gallery on Main Street in Cartersville, GA.  They honor me by carrying some of my work along with the pieces of some really great regional artists so I really wanted to attend this event.  Since we were near the Etowa Indian Mounds Historic Site I also wanted to go there and explore, besides, it was a great day for a picnic.
When you first enter the site you can go through a small museum and watch a short video to learn about the mounds and the people that inhabited the region starting about 950 AD.
 These effigies are part of the museum, they are sculpted from marble and are in remarkably good condition.  I'd love to learn about the symbolism of them.
 This is one of the three mounds that have been excavated at the site. There are six or seven mounds but only three have been excavated to date.  In times of use the houses of important people or buildings for meetings would have been atop these mounds.  Not only would this give a good view over the village plaza and into the woods on the river bank but it would also provide protection from flooding.
This is a replica of wattle and daub house that the indigenous people would have lived in.  It's a great use of Georgia clay.  I started thinking about how I might use clay from the area in my own work (besides the Lizella clay that I currently use on occasion).
This is me and two of the barn series of plates that are at Spring Place Pottery.  I'm smiling so big because of the big bag of pottery I had in my hand.
I'll show you more pictures of the Indian pottery and the pieces we bought on another day.

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  1. How cool you went to the Indian mounds there I can't wait to see the pottery.

  2. hey, not too often you put yourself in the picture, yippee!

  3. Hi Linda- These types of places are what inspired the Future Relics name.

    Gary- and you can see why I don't put myself in the picture more often...besides, my arms are short.;-)


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