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Wood Firing Clinic

Atlanta Clay has teamed with Shorter University Professor and Alum Ian Childers and James Davis to offer a wood firing clinic.  I've been wanting to learn to wood fire but scheduling has not been possible yet.  Now it seems like it's going to happen and I am very excited.
On Saturday Ian and James gave a lecture and slide show about how the kiln was built, and loading and glazing considerations as well as demos of how they create their very unique pieces and the textures they achieve.  I had dislocated a rib a few days earlier and was uncomfortable sitting for over 4 hours so I thought the demos were a bit long but Ian and James are so laid back and fun I really didn't want to leave.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with them while we fire the kiln.
Ian Demo
The firing will be held in April (isn't everyone firing a wood kiln in April?) and I signed up for an evening shift of stoking because I think that will be the most fun time.  I'll try to get some video.  I may go up for a few hours that aren't my shift just to hang out and enjoy the experience.
I'll be posting more about this as the clinic progresses.
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