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Horse Hair raku Firing

The rain held off long enough on Sunday for a raku party to happen and be fun.  It was a small party, only three people, one had never raku fired before.   It's always fun to see how people who are new to raku react to the firing.  She was great and couldn't understand why more people didn't do raku.
I decorated a few pieces with horse hair.  I just love the way they look and I really love drawing on the pot with the hair.  Does that sound weird?

This vase has white, burnished terra sig on the outside then I dipped it in Rick's Turquoise which I wiped off of the outside.  The glaze filled in some small etching that I did and of course gave the vibrant color on the inside and rutile color on the outside.  I really love this piece.  I'm planing to take them up to Spring Place Pottery.  I think they will do well there.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I know what you mean about watching folks that are new to Raku, they get so excited, it's really fun to watch. I have had some great results with Rick's turquoise, you can do some cool things with it. I have reduced it in sawdust without covering it up and got some amazing colors. It's a fun glaze.

  2. Yes, Tracey, Rick's glaze is very fun.
    Rick Berman told us to cover the pot in a bed of shredded newspaper then hose that after it catches fire. Having the flaming paper touch the pot seems to give more variety of colors.


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