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Kissed By The Flame

Some pots are quiet, they don’t speak of carving or imagery. This one didn’t even speak of glaze colors or designs. Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to the quiet. That would probably have been a better name for this post, maybe it’s the name of the vase. With nothing but a spearmint liner glaze, this piece was placed in the soda kiln. It’s about 11 inches tall so it was put in the top with a sculpture and a few other tall pieces. The soda and the flame did the decoration.

The vase is still very quiet but I think it came out well. I’m pleased with the painting the soda and flame did.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Galleryby Lori Buff

Flower Pots

On March 12th I'll be at the East Atlanta Village Public Library selling pots during the gardening event.  I was very happy to be asked to be at this event because I love to garden.  I was also inspired to make some flower pots. 
I used Lizella clay because I like that the clay is local and I like the bright color of the fired clay.  I did some brush work with red iron oxide which is not very visible in the pictures, it's actually pretty subtle on the pots which is making me think about doing a few more using more under glazes. 
What do you think?
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


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