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Scoring Tool

I've been using this little scoring tool from  Amaco for a few months now and I have to tell you how much I love it.
Pottery hand tool
Scoring Tool

Why?  Mostly because it's a huge time saver for me.  The obvious way it saves time is that it makes multiple score marks in one pass.  This not only helps to make better scoring, therefore a better, stronger connection, it also means less time scoring.  This may not seem to add up to much if you're just scoring small areas like mug handle attachments unless you make a lot of mugs.

If you make larger attachments, say you create an oval casserole, it ends up saving a lot of time per piece.

I've started using it for all my scoring because I've been using it in a way that saves even more time.  I load the bristles with slip then spread the slip while I'm making my score marks.  This means the slip is already getting pushed into the scoring and I'm not spending time grabbing a brush, loading it with slip, brushing on the slip then putting down the brush, picking up the scoring tool and making my score marks.  It all happens at the same time.
Ceramics technique by Lori Buff
Slipping and Scoring

It's really cool when a five dollar (or less) tool becomes this useful.

Do you have a favorite time saving tool?

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  1. Ronan Peterson turned me on to this tool years ago and I used it all the time. He called it a "scratchy scratchy tool" and I still call it that. I like it for scoring where you put attachments, but for scoring slabs, nothing beats my serrated metal rib! I think both tools are must haves!

    1. Yes Tracey,

      Now that you reminded me I do remember him using it and calling it that. He's so fun.

  2. oh HO! well, my favorite is my sponge, or is like Linus and his blanket, always in my hand!

    1. Hi Gary,

      I don't think I can throw without a sponge in my hand, even if I'm not using it. I could do a blog post about my sponge collection. Now that's an idea.

  3. I have two of those and rarely use them... I prefer to lightly score with a needle tool, dampen the clay a little, and add attachments... I don't use slip unless the pot is more dry than I like it to be.
    I find that tool is often too wide for the area I want to score.
    Sponges, on the other hand, I have an obsession for... I have natural ones that become favorites and I don't throw them away, even if they are no longer useable!


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