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Laughing At Potters

Georgia is normally in a drought so complaining about the rain we've been getting seems a little wrong.  Besides, the rain doesn't care how we feel about it, it's going to fall or not anyway.

So many pottery blogs I read has posts about trying to get the pots to dry this summer and how difficult that has been.  And it truly has been a challenge.  That's a problem when you're trying to meet deadlines.  I have concerns about some of the out door shows I have planned, even though they aren't for another few months.  It's not just making sure I have inventory it's also concern about standing in the tent in the rain wishing I had a few customers.

Wet Ware Covered Jar by Lori Buff
Awaiting Trimming

The thing is, most days the sun comes out for a few hours.  If I plan well, and keep an eye on the clouds, I can use the free drying service outside.  I have also stopped worrying about getting back to my wetware right away.  I just cover it in plastic and it's still totally damp, sometimes too damp, when I come back a few days later.  So, yeah, I'm spending more time throwing then decorating but they will all eventually dry and get into the kilns.  I just have to be patient.

I suspect any potters in Oregon and Washington State are laughing at us right now.  This is a way of life for them.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. I can't tell you how many times we have been running with ware boards to get them back in the studio before the rain pours down.
    The coasters I made last week never even needed to be covered in plastic. Just left them on the shelves until the reached the right consistency to finish... and it took days.

    1. Ha, consider it exercise Michèle. All kidding aside I know it's got to be tough on you and Jeff since you're getting ready for the NH show.

  2. And so much for the tomatoes too numerous to eat!

    Yet to ripen.


    1. Right. But at least the cucumbers are happy.

  3. I take advantage of those sunny days or hours whenever I can. Still, even with humidity I still am happier in the heat than the cold.
    I have a couple of tomatoes that are actually turning red!

    1. Oh Suzy, I envy your tomato. With the rain has come cooler temps down here, and less humidity between rain storms, I'm really not complaining at all.

  4. Lori, I am in Sandy Springs, Ga and have no such problem. I purchased a dehumidifier and it is a wonder at making the pots dry evenly. Now the tomato issue I still have.

  5. Hi and welcome to the blog. Thanks for posting. A dehumidifier is a great idea, sadly I have to keep mine running in the basement full time.


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