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Check Please

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works.  By works I mean helps us do things quicker, easier, saves money, or somehow improves our lives.  In the past, when I had a booth at an out. Door festival I brought a "knuckle buster" and slips to take people's credit card information.  Later, when the show was done and I was back home on the computer, I'd key in all the details of each credit card.  Invariably something would be wrong on something and the card would be declined.  Usually, it was something as simple as an incorrect email address but it was still awkward to tell someone that their credit card was declined.  It was also time consuming to have call or email them.  And, news flash here, are not quick to pay their bills.  So while they were enjoying their pottery I was waiting.  This was very rare but still never fun.

The work was still not over for me because people also still write checks.  A check is really a nice safe way to get paid, I've never received a bad one (knocking on some wood now) and they are convenient for customers as well.  But I do have to get in the truck, drive to the credit union and make the deposit.  It's a time suck and at over $3.00 per gallon it is not without expense.  

Pottery Booth

Now we have an app for that.  Many people are aware of the credit card reader apps and use them regularly.  I think they are fantastic.  So convenient and easy to use.  Of course I still keep the knuckle buster in the bin with my shopping bags and tools.  Technical things sometimes break.  

I also have an app that lets me take a picture of a check and deposit it right now.  No driving to the credit union, no standing on line.  No charge.  Sweet.

I highly recommend doing this. It seems that each credit union and bank has their own app so you'll want to check with them.  

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  1. wait! I never have to drive to the bank again?
    Take a picture of the check?
    Hummm, something else to figure out.

  2. Someday I will enter this new world of smartphones... I just wish the cost would come down. For now I have the old fashioned merchant account and credit card machine. The check reader app sounds pretty cool. I am lucky enough that my bank is just 1 1/2 down the road from me. We do get checks occasionally.

    1. Hi Michèle,

      The cost has come down but they still are not cheap (however the savings in gas may offset the cost). You might want to look into something like Republic Wireless, they are very inexpensive.

    2. I am considering Republic! When our contract with Verizon is up next spring, we just might take the leap.

  3. Yes, things have changed.

    Love your booth.

    XO T

  4. I haven't heard about the check app, great tip! I love my iPad for a sales tool, makes it all so simple.


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