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Quiet and Shy

Isn't the internet a weird and wonderful place?  I'm nearly 50 years old so I remember the days when you had to go the library or the phone book or some place like that to get information.  As much as I still love libraries and think they are useful and wonderful places I'm really glad I don't have to deal with phone books any more.  Thanks to the internet I can even check out a book from my library from my computer, and read it here or on some device.

The other thing I love is that now it's really easy to keep in touch with my friends.  It's much easier to make plans with a group of people if we communicate via email.  I can see pictures of my brother's vacation while he's still traveling and I can invite people to come to an event with me.  It makes some aspects of maintaining friendships easier.

Covered Maple Leaf Jar by Lori Buff
Lidded Maple Leaf Jar

It also is a way to make new friends as I have done via this blog.   I now know some terrific people that I would never have known if they didn't write comments and if I didn't write comments on their blogs.   Now we check in with each other several times a week via comments, email, and phone calls.  But I know other people are reading this blog also.  Sometimes you even tell me that you've read my blog regularly but I didn't know because you haven't left comments.  I get it, the internet is also less than private and can even be scary.  Sometimes you just don't have anything to say or someone else has already expressed an opinion or idea that is similar to yours.  That's okay, I understand, but I also want to communicate with you.  I want to write a blog that you want to read and even share with others.  So I'm asking you now, what would you like me to write to you about?  I'd love to read your answers in comments or in email (FutureRelicsGallery at gmail dot com) or you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  You could even just say "hi" and introduce yourself, that would be terrific.  Thanks!

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Lori, I really enjoy the variety on your blog... your pots, processes, recipes, insights on life. Keep up the good work!
    and that's a sweet little pot.

  2. Hi! But you have heard from me! I love this open world- then again I have little to hid.

    1. Yes Meredith, I have heard from you and some other regular visitors, and I love you all for that. Thanks.

  3. I love the meatless Mondays and would like to hear about how you are adjusting with Mudfire. Also, more about your Penland trip, it seems like you had a good workshop but didnt say too much about it...... But your variety keeps it all interesting :-)
    I agree about the Internet and blog thing. I might not have built a studio if I hadn't run across your blog post about yours, I think that was the first time I read your blog!
    Also, REALLY hate the phone book!

    1. Thanks Tracey, this is helpful feed back. I appreciate it.

  4. I try to comment, even if it's only a few words whenever I read a blog. I think it's courteous to acknowledge the time you have put into a post. Your blog is alway enjoyable. What I like most is the variety. Meatless Mondays, pots, thoughts....your blog brings it together.
    Like the others I love the community that has happened here in blogland.
    Phone books? Our latest arrived a few weeks ago in and landed in a mud puddle. I haven't even bothered to replace it!
    And yes, that is a cool pot!

    1. Thanks Suzy, I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I do love your comments. I agree (but never thought of it), they are a recognition of the time and effort put into the writing.

  5. I do love your maple leaf pot.

    I'm shy in groups, maybe not so quiet in person, then again I am often tongue tied in small groups let alone large ones. Love yours and all the other blogs.

  6. O.K.
    Hi. I'm Jovita and I read your blog often and really enjoy everything you cover. I also read the blogs of all of the people who commented above and enjoy them too.

    1. Hi Jovita, Welcome and thanks for your comment. I like your sculpture.

  7. Hi Lori, I'll admit to being one of those sneaky silent readers :P
    I love the variety of your blog and really enjoy process posts (ie: back the the drawing board) as you review your work and move forward with tweaks, adaptions and alterations. Personally, I love reading how people solve/overcome problems. Motivates me to do the same :)
    Keep up the excellent blog!!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Welcome to the blog and thanks for the comment. I hope you'll comment again.
      I appreciate the feedback and will try to write more, interesting process posts.

      Thanks again,

  8. Hi Lori, I'll admit to being a sneaky silent reader :P I'll also say that like a lot of the other readers, I enjoy the variety you post - especially the 'back the drawing board' posts. I love reading about how people solve/overcome issues as it motivates me to do the same.
    Keep up the excellent blogging :)
    ~ Rachel


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