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Come have a beer and get some art.

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Fired Works in Macon and ArtsFest in Stateboro

As you know I was in Macon, GA this Friday setting up my display for Fired Works.  This is my first time doing this show so I had very few props or other display enhancements.  Of course I didn't have room in the truck for anything else either.  We were commenting that we were glad the weather was warm so we didn't have to pack thick clothes, they never would have fit in the truck.  Looking at the displays and seeing what other people were doing gave me lots of ideas for next year.

We had such a great time visiting with the other artists.  It was good to see some old friends and make some new ones.  I love that it always feels like a community not a competition when we get together.  That's another joy of being a potter.  As we were visiting with someone Janet looked up and noticed this sign. I should have set up my work under it but it doesn't matter.  I'm really honored that they used one of my pieces for this poster.  I wonder if I can have it or if they need it for next year.

Of course we bought some pieces to add to our collection.  One day I'll take pictures and post them.  It's really been too long since I wrote an "Other People's Pots" article.

From there we headed down to Brinson's Race where we spent the night before heading to Stateboro for ArtsFest12.  That's still one of my favorite shows even though it's small.  It's fun talking to the students and seeing some familiar faces that we don't see very often.  The down side of doing a show at a university is that every few years you get a completely new group of students running the show and volunteering so I have to adjust to the change.  It seemed like this year we had fewer volunteers offering set up and break down assistance than we have had in the past.  It's possible that they were told not to offer that assistance this year for some reason or that they were busy elsewhere.  It's also possible that I was really tired from getting ready for Fired Works and getting that all set up so I was more sensitive to this desire.  The show was still run very well and people came around with water for us.  I love this at a show, it really helps.  This year they came around with cups rather than bottles which seems like less impact on the environment and I was very glad to see that change.


  1. Sound like a wonderful weekend, and cool they used your work in the poster.


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