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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Email and the Artist

I don't have a smart phone.  I just recently graduated from a clam shell to a slider cell phone.  Yes, it's used, but it still works.  I have lots of jokes about my cell phones, "it's a stupid phone," "it's a smart ass phone..." I could go on and on.  I do have an iPod touch so I can get email and do web stuff when I'm away from home and have a wireless network available.  This means I don't have access to email 24 hours a day.  I don't even have it in the studio.  That's not for lack of trying, I just have not been able to get the signal down there.  I could if I really wanted to but something stops me.  Something that makes me wonder if I really do need to be connected to the world every second of every day.

A friend of mine uses a gauge to determine the importance of an "emergency" in her job.  She asks the question "how many lives will be lost?"  The answer is usually none, she works in a park.  So I think, if I can't get to the phone, email or Facebook for a few hours, how many lives will be lost?  Then I am comfortable with a caller going to voice mail.  That's really what it's for anyway.  I have to laugh every time I'm talking to someone and their cell phone rings so they excuse themselves, answer the phone with "call me back" and hang up.  Umm, just hit ignore, or just...well, ignore it.

Wired Platter

I think being able to check email while standing in line at the post office is a frustration saver, but having to concern myself with email and phone calls while I'm in the studio or talking to a customer is bad for creativity and for business.

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  1. I love that platter; I have a pay as you go phone and I haven't used it for over a month and I don't have voice mail on that phone as it uses minutes to listen to the voice mails. Lots of folks are incredulous when I say I don't have a cell phone, no sense giving them the number if I don't even have the phone on, it's only for emergencies.

    tomorrow I'll post about the faux pas and link to you; I used your tip about using a bit of water to saw the handle off, thanks ever so much, it worked like a charm.

    1. Hi Linda, I have a pay as you go phone too, it's with PagePlus and I get 1200 minutes and 1200 texts per month for $29. Since I don't have a home phone and don't use anywhere near 1200 minutes a month I may be paying too much, but it's still a good deal to my way of thinking. You might want to look into them.
      I'm glad the tip worked, you're very welcome.

  2. no smart phones in this home either! i really don't need to be connected 24/7. just this year we reduced the minutes on our cell phone plan to save money... we were never anywhere near our limit, so why pay for it? i don't have a text plan either, since i only do that occasionally.
    ... i don't get why everyone has to answer their phone all the time no matter where they are either!

    1. That's smart Michele. I wonder about the immediate need to connect with people who are calling and texting you, it's actually a dangerous habit if it can't be broken while driving.

  3. Hello, hello....anybody home?
    I have a pay as you go and I get crazy wrong numbers.
    I don't answer it and use it only when I am off the farm and or traveling-cost 15.00 a month and I have too many minutes to use as it is right now- want me to call you? r u bsy?


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