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Enough Pots?

As I've mentioned I'm heading down to Macon, GA for Fired Works then to Georgia Southern University for ArtsFest12. I'm really, really excited about these shows but I was also nervous about having enough pots for both.  I spent a few months throwing and glazing like crazy and I'm happy to say that I have the recommended 160 pots for Fired Works plus enough to fill my booth at ArtsFest.  


Now I just need to get them all down there.

Do you think I have enough pots?

Have a great weekend and stop by one or both of the shows if you get a chance, you'll have fun and see some great art.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. if you sell out you will think- i needed more.
    If you have a few pots left you will think this was the perfect number.
    If you figure it out - it will all be differnet next time.
    So all you can do is get there and find out.
    Hot wheels!

  2. Hurray! you met your goal... now go and sell them ALL.

  3. Our van feels like that lots of times going to shows. Sometimes make me think I should have chosen a less heavy endeavor. Good luck at the shows.


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