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Volunteering Equals Networking

One day I was feeling very badly about something I had no control over.  I was feeling helpless and angry which I know are useless emotions.  Often when people feel those things they say or do something ugly to someone who doesn't really deserve the wrath.  I didn't want to do that so I thought about doing something that might make me feel better.  I immediately contacted someone from a non-profit that I like and asked them if they would keep me in mind if they ever needed a piece of my pottery for a fundraiser.  As it turned out they did need something and fairly soon.  The woman from the charity was very happy that I approached her so she didn't have to do the work of looking for me (or some other artist) and giving the sales pitch to make me choose to give up a piece of my work.  It made us both feel good.
Besides the obvious immediate funds for the charity I also got some exposure for my pottery which is great for increasing sales.  Anyone who bid on the work is now a potential buyer and the people that work at the non-profit are more likely to think of me when they are thinking about making a pottery purchase.  Oh, yeah, and I felt a whole lot better very quickly.
I can't afford to give away a lot of pieces, and I'd rather choose the receiving organization myself than have them contact me but it's something that I like to do from time to time.
If you don't have something to donate you could consider donating time.  It's a way to meet new people and tell them what you do and who you are, who knows they may turn out to be a good part of your network whether you're an artist looking to sell your art or someone looking for a new job or someone looking for a good pet sitter.  Oh, and you may help someone else while you're at it.

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  1. Oh yes, giving pottery = mega-good feelings all around :)

  2. What a wonderful gesture; I could take a lesson from this since there are times things make me angry which I have no control over. Thanks for the reminder.


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