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Robin Hopper's Functional Pottery - Review

I recently read Robin Hopper's book titled "Functional Pottery."  Let me start by saying I thought it was a really great book and one that I will read again in the future to be reminded about what he's discussed.  I believe that this book would be helpful to all levels of potters but the newer potter may get the most out of it.  One of my favorite chapters was the one where he discussed making lids.  We all know that their are many different types of lids but we frequently only make a couple of types of lids and although we may get really good at those lids it can be limiting to the style of pieces we make.  In this chapter he also discusses where the weak points can be which is helpful in preventing breaking or warping.
Robin writes a good bit about the aesthetics of good form.  He even starts the book with a brief history of functional pots and includes many, many pictures of great work from ancient pots to contemporary works.  It's a joy to simply look at the pictures and be inspired.
Only one thing about this book really annoyed me and I can't be unhappy with Robin about it as his main talent is making great pots.  Most of the chapter titles ended in a preposition.  I know it's a small thing in many peoples minds, some people only think of prepositions as something they had to learn in school and could then forget.  However, I don't think his editor should have been one of those people.  I hope that mistake does not distract any readers from what is otherwise a wonderful book.

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  1. I have had this book over ten years, yippee! Gosh, sorry about the prepositions, though, where was his mind at?

  2. What this world coming to, so many things let dangling and hanging to and fro; I have a couple of Robin's books and enjoy and use them.


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