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CERF+ and You

If you are a creator making craft and/or art you owe it to yourself to check out the web site for the Craft Emergency Relief Fund.  With all the damage from the spring tornadoes to the recent hurricanes now might not be too soon, hopefully it's not too late.
CERF is an organization that assists artist and crafts people after they have suffered a loss due to a problem like flood or fire but they do something more.  They have a web site that is stuffed full of suggestions to help people be ready for a disaster and better cope with one if it happens.  Many of the suggestions are really simple and easy things to do that won't be a huge time suck but could be worth the effort.
I've talked to several artist who have had to rely on CERF after an emergency, they all talk about how much more responsive CERF was than FEMA or other government run agencies.  That's no big surprise but it's still good to know.
So take a few minutes and go to the web site, and if you have a few extra dollars I'm sure they would put a donation to good use.  Think of it as good karma.

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